Over the years

A short review of the steps that led ELMI SYSTEMS SA in the company that is today

ELMI Ltd. (Hellenic Computerization Ltd.) was founded in November 1971 with the aim of exclusive representation for the Greek market of CASIO calculators.

Over time and the expansion of the Japanese company CASIO in the international and European market were added to the commercial activities of the company ELMI and other categories of CASIO products such as watches, musical instruments, mini televisions, audio products and digital cameras.

Having the exclusive representation of all CASIO products in the Greek market, ELMI established two large stores. The headquarters in Athens and the branch in Thessaloniki so that the market service is more efficient.

In 1978 the company was transformed from a limited liability company. in Societe Anonyme.

The main steps of the company to date

  • Establishment of ELMI. 1971
    ELMI Ltd. is founded. and undertakes the exclusive representation of CASIO products in the Greek market.
  • Conversion 1978
    Conversion of the company type from Ltd. in SA.
  • Establishment of EME SA 1984
    Establishment of a sister company EME SA with the primary purpose of representing and supporting retail sales management systems and providing IT solutions.
  • Relocation 1990
    Relocation of the company to a new building on Patision Street.
  • Merge 2002
    Merger of the two sister companies ELMI & EME and creation of the new company ELMI SYSTEMS A.E.
  • Relocation 2010
    Relocation of the company to a new building on Athens Avenue.

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