Donation of ELMI SYSTEMS at Didymoteicho Hospital

In 2021, ELMI SYSTEMS celebrates the 50th anniversary of its founding (1971).

 Our company during its long course has proved that the factor “man” and its prosperity, is its first and most important concern.

 As a result of its above principles, the company could not be absent especially nowadays, where the coronavirus pandemic threatens society with tragic results.

 The offer of ELMI SYSTEMS, of four medical devices (2 electrocardiographs and 2 defibrillators) at the emergency General Hospital of Didymoteicho, aims to cover part of the needs of the hospital in terms of both the treatment of SARS-CoV-2 and its daily needs departments that make use of the above medical equipment.

 We wholeheartedly wish the staff of Didymoteicho Hospital Health and Good Strength, to selflessly offer the services, saving the lives of our fellow citizens.

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