… The flexible and affordable smart @ all solution of ELMISSYSTEMS A.E. for electronic invoicing

In order to meet the needs of the electronic invoicing market in Greece, after the adaptation to the relevant legislation, the smart @ all system of ELMI Systems fully meets the needs of the Greek market and the legislation so that companies can use this innovative how to produce, exchange, archive and store documents.

At the same time, the abolition of the pre-printed form and its replacement by white paper for the necessary accompanying documents as well as the use of electronic archiving of all produced documents, documents and forms provides a dramatic reduction of operating costs in the cost-sensitive process of production, distribution and archiving. documents, documents and forms.

The term smart document refers to the replacement, in a short period of time, of the existing system of printing and production of documents, with a new one that uses electronic forms, offers central management of prints and electronic forms and makes full use of the capabilities of modern laser printers. At the same time, it is possible to send the issued documents in a secure electronic way with their simultaneous automatic electronic archiving.

Smart @ all fully meets the needs of the Greek market and is compatible with the legislation.

It is a flexible and scalable solution with the possibility of gradual implementation, without affecting the existing information systems and the current infrastructure.


Dramatic reduction of production time and delivery of documents

Significant reduction in production, distribution and archiving costs

Measurable return on investment (ROI). Estimated investment payback time: 5-6 months. Up to 70% lower cost compared to the traditional way of issuing, shipping and processing.

Reduction in the time of your staff dealing with the produced documents, of the physical archiving and storage space

tick-iconEase of use
Dramatic Ease of tax control and internal (audit)

Automated processes in transactions with customers-suppliers (Faster balance agreement) and improving the level of cooperation between them(audit)

…printed documents

or smart electronic?


The smart @ all system prints, sends and archives the generated documents automatically, legally.

At the same time, the offered solution is compatible with all ERP systems, all operating systems and all existing infrastructures, whether used as a publisher or as a recipient.

Products and Subsystems

Smart@all consists of the following basic subsystems


smart@all Enterprise DMS

The subsystem of automatic production and archiving of documents, documents & forms


smart@all Printing Αgent

The support subsystem of the archiving function of documents, documents & forms


smart@all e-invoicing Αgent

The support subsystem of the distribution of documents, documents & forms per workstation


smart@all POD

The subsystem of automatic electronic archiving of returned documents, documents & Forms

Smart @ all prints a special barcode on the document and archives the metadata of the document in an SQL database. When the document is returned signed, we scan it with a scanner and smart @ all recognizes the document via the special barcode and uses the metadata to attach it to the already archived digital copy.

The smart @ all system includes complete integration in the environment of the issuer and the recipient of the documents, documents and forms without any modification of the existing ERP or any change of the ERP in the future. The security of the transactions is fully covered by the use of Tax Mechanisms or the digital signatures provided by Elmisystems SA. The offered certificates ensure the Authenticity of the origin of the invoice, the Integrity of its content as well as its Readability.

The implementation of smart @ all is easy, simple, and functional in any operating system and the cooperation with all applications, seamless and efficient.


Print, Send, Distribute, Archive documents with just a click!

Additional Features

  • Printing documents on Laser printers in the desired number of copies per type of document, with the direct benefit of the cost of unnecessary copies.

  • Possibility of converting the print from dot dot matrix printer and multiple printed form to laser printing WITHOUT any change or any process from the client’s ERP system.

  • Simultaneous utilization of printer features such as duplex printing, stapling copies, using different paper colors from different trays for copies, etc.