Infrastructure Solutions


System Integration

The promotion, acceptance and recognition of ELMISYSTEMS as System Integrator comes as a result of long-term effort and the clearest strategic planning.

ELMISYSTEMS, one of the most important System Integrators in Greece, has recognized the demand of customers to offer not only hardware but mainly to provide complete solutions aimed at turning technology into a business advantage and real value for the Customer.

The Company provides the right combination of high technology products and human resources, in order to support its Customers to obtain the necessary information systems, framed by high quality services, in order to successfully face and cope with current and future market challenges.

To meet these requirements, through our long-term and specialized know-how and infrastructure, we offer:

diamond-iconBranded goods
A complete range of recognized and branded products (hardware, software, network, communication) of the largest companies internationally, with criteria to meet the specific needs and requirements of the customer.

keyboard-iconYears of Experience
Substantial knowledge and experience for the successful completion of information systems and project management.

suits-iconConsulting Services Highly demanding application software combined with high quality consulting, support and training services.

star-iconUnmatched Quality Ensuring high quality solutions through strategic partnerships with leading international software companies, for the implementation of highly complex IT projects.

R-iconFull Responsibility
The design, analysis and construction of application software as well as the supply and adaptation of specialized software, thus assuming overall responsibility and ensuring the quality of the project.

file-iconIntegrated Services
The provision of integrated support and maintenance services as an authorized technical support center for major manufacturers internationally as well as the provision of training, consulting services and management of large and complex IT projects.

Unified Collaboration & Communication

Unified communications are the result of the convergence of telecommunication networks and applications.

Unified Communications is based on the convergence and integration of communication channels, networks, systems and applications under a unified management and control umbrella, creating a new dynamic environment that improves the way employees and businesses communicate.

ELMISSystems has invested in the new possibilities and perspectives offered by the convergence of technologies and has developed strategic partnerships with leading international manufacturers (Cisco, Microsoft), offering complete solutions and integration with business applications.

With the network as a platform, Collaboration solutions work with business applications, communication devices and web-based tools, enhancing corporate processes in a secure way.

The Collaboration solution portfolio that results from the strategic collaborations of ELMISSystems, strengthens the specific network architecture to offer a complete collaboration experience, from sending a text message to numerous TelePresence sessions.

Our proposed solutions provide a comprehensive collaboration experience and support the adaptation of services to the needs of the end user, the integration of IT systems and the interoperability of other solutions.

Transformation & Virtualization


Virtualization refers to technologies, techniques, and products that aim to separate the physical features of a computer system from the way other systems, applications, and end-users interact with those resources. Virtualization technologies have a common goal, the simplification of use combined with high availability and flexibility without changing the actual computing environment.

Utilizing these technologies, natural resources are contracted to better exploit and manage infrastructure, significantly reducing operating costs, saving energy and offering smooth operation. In addition, they increase efficiency, reduce costs and provide a higher return on investment (ROI) of IT infrastructure.

Data & Storage Solutions


In collaboration with the largest manufacturers we provide solutions for storage systems and integrated solutions for the collection, storage, management and utilization of digital information, simple to manage and developing according to the needs of the company according to the desired performance and availability.


In this context, the proposed solutions play a critical and important role for the entire information infrastructure, as companies must meet the growing demands of the business environment and ensure business continuity at all levels.


Ensuring business continuity is a key advantage offered by the design, implementation, support and expansion of central Data & Storage solutions. The functionality provided simplifies the management of the infrastructure, thus reducing the total acquisition cost while the combination of economy and functionality satisfies all companies within their budgets.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

The probability of major disasters is small, but even minor malfunctions and accidents are likely to have a significant impact on the business of the business.

Ensuring the restoration of the company’s technological infrastructure after partial or total destruction is a complex process that involves all departments, systems and resources of the company.

In the field of Business Continuity, ELMISSystems, through its cooperation with international manufacturers, specializes in the design and implementation of systems that ensure the uninterrupted operation of your business infrastructure, even in the event of total destruction of the production facility.

With an axis of action the high know-how and the specialized human resources, the existing infrastructure and the peculiarities of the environment of each customer are evaluated, in order to design and implement the appropriate solutions.

The methodology of ELMISSystems, based on a combination of technologies of international construction companies, helps the smooth operation of the infrastructure and ensures the continuous flow of data, thus providing a highly competitive solution.

The specialized staff and experts of ELMISSystems, in matters of Business Continuity, will study, analyze the requirements and needs of your business and will design, propose and implement the best possible way to address your current and future needs.


Businesses face challenges on a daily basis with the security and protection of their corporate data and consequently with their reliability.

There is now an urgent need to implement specialized security solutions that will undertake to protect your business infrastructure, applying advanced security policy design methods, thus reducing the risk to an acceptable level.

ELMISystems has the portfolio of solutions of the leading manufacturers for the protection of systems and data, offering a total solution in the sectors

01 Threat & management
02 Intrusion detection & prevention
03 End-Point protection
04 Email Security and Availability
05 Firewall
06 Identity & Access Management
07 Data Loss Prevention & Leakage Prevention

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing offers new perspectives to businesses by providing computing resources easily accessible from anyone, anywhere and from any device, reducing the cost of initial investment in hardware and software. The company now pays only the amount corresponding to the services it actually used, depending on its computing power needs.

The ELMISSystems team will design and implement Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud solutions, in order to support companies that want to change the way they procure, use and manage their information systems.

By implementing Cloud Solutions, businesses can benefit from:

Tickast implementation of new applications and services for the business

TickCost depending on the use

TickAccess from anyone, anywhere and from any device with an Internet connection

TickReduce the cost of the initial investment

TickLow to zero application management costs