General Features – AADE Electronic Books

Thanks to the design of applications in a single operating environment, the company can have immediate and secure information, without time-consuming update processes.

In this way, the current needs of business development are immediately covered, minimizing the cost of customization of users, but also of communication and data exchange between applications.

In the entities of the application there are available functional possibilities that give immediate solutions to the daily processes of the e-books.


Automated processes

The possibility of automated conversions of the data, received from the existing applications, according to the interconnection specifications with AADE, to the codicologies proposed by the Electronic Books-myDATA is given.


Document processing

Possibility to intervene in the data to be sent to the Electronic Books-myDATA either at the level of document description or at the level of characterizations of the records, according to the specifications of the AADE api interface.

comments-pngTwo-way communication with the services of AADE

Sending and receiving data related to entries in the AADE Electronic Books.

sync-pngLinking data from the Electronic Books-myDATA

With local data, through the identification of revenue-expenditure records between the two extremes, with the existence of tools and informative reports.