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MyData E-books of AADE

MyData HUB Διασύνδεση Με Ηλεκτρονικά Βιβλία MyDATA της ΑΑΔΕ

myDATA – AADE Electronic Books

myDATA, ie my Digital Accounting and Tax Application. It is the name of the new electronic platform, with which AADE introduces e-books in the daily life of companies.

AADE e-Books are a very important step in the digital transformation of the Tax Administration and its relationship with companies. Our goal is primarily to serve businesses, providing a pioneering digital platform for the fulfillment of their tax obligations, which will lead to the automation of the completion of tax returns and will relieve them of obligations they have today, such as the submission of Customer Statements – Suppliers MYF).

Along with reducing the administrative costs of businesses, AADE e-books enhance the transparency of transactions, offering a digital business collaboration environment for the pricing of goods and services. They also establish the credibility of the relationship between the Tax Administration and the companies and function as a mechanism for voluntary compliance and prevention of tax evasion and smuggling, as well as facilitating consistent companies in the return of taxes to which they are entitled.


In the AADE Electronic Books:

  • The Summary of the Documents is transmitted and registered Business income / expenses
  • The registered transactions are characterized
  • The necessary Settlement Accounting Records are performed to determine the accounting and tax result of each year
MyData HUB Διασύνδεση Με Ηλεκτρονικά Βιβλία MyDATA της ΑΑΔΕ

ELMISYSTEMS A.E. with many years and substantial knowledge in applications to meet the computer needs of companies in matters of tax compliance, has developed a special application (on-premises or alternatively SaaS Azure cloud) for the implementation of a modern Information System for Electronic Books – “myDATA HUB“, to meet the complex needs of international ERPs such as SAP (regardless of current version), Oracle’s E-Business Suite, Microsoft Dynamics etc.

The connection of the existing business and technological infrastructure of your organization with the new service of the e-Books myDATA of AADE, brings additional obligations and requirements and is the one that determines the characteristics of the proposed information project myDATA HUB.

The myData HUB application allows the routing of information from the commercial & accounting systems of your organization to their successful submission to the new e-Book service-myDATA of AADE and modern tools for matching expenses from the myDATA AADE platform with the locally registered Exos ( reconciliation).

Obtaining the necessary data of the organization 
organization (Revenue – Expenses – Regular transactions) that will be extracted from your systems, can be done in the following alternative ways.

my data hub aade

Via Archives to be exported by local computer systems (XML, JSON, CSV, ASCII, XLSX etc)

my data hub aade

Via Web Service provided by local computer systems.

my data hub aade

Via Dedicated Database where data will be recorded by local computer systems


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Customization Mechanisms

Complex mechanisms of system configuration and matching of the types of documents, items-goods, services provided, are provided by the existing installation, with values specified by the Electronic Books – myDATA.
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Import Records from Existing Systems.

Import of document entries – but also accounting entries, expenses, payroll entries and regular entries from the existing commercial and accounting management systems to the myDATA HUB system.

The frequency with which it can receive data always depends on the capabilities of the customer. A wide range of data mining options can be covered per:

  • Real time
  • Specific number of minutes
  • Specific number of hours
  • Specific number of days
  • Specific number of weeks
  • Month
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Convert Records Revenue – Expenditure

Conversion of Income – Expense records and other records from the existing systems in a format suitable for sending to the myDATA service of AADE.
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Sending Receipts to the myDATA AADE platform

Sending Receipts to the myDATA service of AADE. The Unique Registration Number (MARK) will be assigned to the documents.
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Sending Receipts to the myDATA AADE platform

Send Income Statements for each revenue document based on the original document and the MARK.
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Receiving Expenses from the myDATA AADE platform

Receive Expenses from the myDATA AADE platform, which will have been issued for your organization.
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Assignment of Expenses from the myDATA AADE platform

Matching Expenses from the myDATA AADE platform with the locally registered Expenses and presenting records with a correspondence or not, either locally or in myDATA.
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Sending Documentary Expenses to the myDATA AADE platform

Sending Documentary Expenses in cases of non-contradictory expenses but also in cases of non-sending of documents by the Issuers within the time constraints notified by AADE.
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Sending Expense Statements to the myDATA AADE platform

Sending Expense Statements for each expense document based on the document received by the company and the MARK.
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