The tax cash register SPECTRA 207 is ergonomically designed in small dimensions, which makes it the ideal solution for small stores. Available in two colors (white and black)

  • Power and battery (optional)
  • Mini dimensions
  • Ability to configure-control via web
  • Large key size
  • Electric and battery operation (optional)
  • Small dimensions
  • Lithium battery with high autonomy (optional)
  • Ability to send data via the web
  • Multiple interfaces


Departments / Items / Operators:

  • 12 sections with shift function
  • VAT analysis per department


  • A serial port RS 232 (PC / barcode reader / balance / MCR)
  • An Ethernet port
  • A USB B port (PC)
  • A connection port for a drawer

Additional features:

  • 30 keys (rubber keyboard)

Temperature / humidity range: 0 ° C – 45 ° C

Special Features:

  • 3000 items with code or barcode
  • With a fixed or free price
  • Graphics at the beginning of the receipt
  • VAT analysis on the receipt


  • A 4-line LCD operator screen
  • An LCD client screen, one line
  • Ability to scroll message
  • Detailed transaction display


  • A highly reliable thermal printer
  • Ability to print 32 characters per line, at a speed of 75mm / sec. Paper tape dimensions 57mm x 50mm
  • Easy loading of paper tape (easy load)

Dimensions (Height x Width x Length): 7cm x 13cm x 28cm

Weight: 0.920 kg




15DSD 629 | 6/20/2019