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Project Implementation Steps – AADE Electronic Books

The project consists of all those parts that allow the routing of information from the commercial & accounting systems of the company, to their successful submission, through an interface with AADE, in the new e-Book service-myDATA of AADE and modern tools for assigning expenses from the my DATA AADE platform with the locally registered Expenses (reconciliation). The project can be summarized in the following steps:

With the help of consultants, the encoding used by the company will be recorded in order to configure the system in order to match this encoding with the data encoding required by myDATA

The receipt of business data (Revenue – Expenses – Regular transactions), can be done in the following alternative ways.

  • Through files that will be exported by the local computer systems
  • Through web service provided by local computer systems
  • Through a dedicated database where data will be recorded by local computer systems

The data that will be entered in the myDATA HUB Connector system will be transformed according to the configuration – assignment of step 1 in a suitable format for sending to the myDATA service of AADE, through mydata rest api. The transformed data will be saved and will correspond to the original data so that there is traceability.

Transformed data can be presented in a suitable UI using a Web Portal that will be hosted either on a server within the business in an Intranet environment, or externally in the case of a cloud service.

The system will send the transformed data to the myDATA HUB Connector service and will receive the Unique Registration Number (MARK) according to the interconnection specifications with AADE.

Either with an automated process or with the use of the Web Portal, the user will be given the opportunity to make markings of the sent data and to send the markings to the myDATA service of AADE, according to the specifications.


The system will draw from the myDATA service of AADE the expense receipts sent by the contractors.

Either with an automated process or by using the Web Portal, the user will be able to check the correspondences of the outputs, to detect any discrepancies in the data and to make their characterizations.

In terms of costs, the Web Portal will provide the ability to send costs that do not exist in the service of myDATA of AADE (retail, foreign or documents that were not uploaded by the publisher within the deadline).

In all the steps will be developed mechanisms that will try to automate the mapping and processing of data based on rules and conditions according to the api mydata interface specifications.

The system will enable the export of data in any form requested for further utilization of information by the organization’s systems. Mechanisms will be developed that will try to automate the matching and processing of data based on rules and conditions according to the interface specifications api mydata.

The system will use all the appropriate technical features to achieve maximum data security as well as full compatibility with the GDPR (Article 25 by Design & Default).