Consultancy Services

ELMISYSTEMS offers specific services of significant value, in order for the customer to properly formulate the new strategy for his information system. Services include:

Information system architecture design

With the information system architecture design service, the entire structure of the existing system is analyzed in depth and specific scenarios are proposed, based on new technologies and practices for the implementation of complex On-premise or Cloud information systems.

Design of high availability solutions

Through the design service of high availability solutions, the Development Department of ELMISYSTEMS studies and analyzes the existing or possible new applications to be installed, the existing level of availability and security of the systems and the network and the possible future expansion plans. After gathering all the necessary information, proposals are given for compositions of high availability specification systems which will immediately satisfy the needs of the company, but will also cover the future expansion plans.

Implementation Services

ELMISYSTEMS, through its long experience and specialized know-how for the design of complex information projects, offers all the services required for the implementation and management of the entire technological infrastructure of your business.

Experienced system engineers with accumulated know-how will undertake the implementation of the project with a proven methodology, combining techniques and tools tailored to the needs of the customer. Services include

Infrastructure and Data Center transformation

Business continuity

IT consolidation

Technology refreshments

Blades infrastructure



Storage infrastructure


Telephony / VoIP etc.

IT more complex than ever, say 93 per cent of UK CIOs *

* Nine out of ten UK CIOs (93%) believe that IT complexity has increased, according to research released October 9th 2015 by Trustmarque Solutions Limited (“Trustmarque”).

Support Managed Services

Today converged & virtualized complex information environments offer advantages that really make a difference for businesses. But to take full advantage of these benefits, the business needs more than just business-as-usual support.
ELMISSYSTEMS Technology Support Services together with the tools that integrate the Converged systems, prevent failures and malfunctions before they occur, significantly reducing the recovery time of the problems.

The ASP Advanced Support Package service helps companies prevent problems before they happen, as well as stay up to date and with full control of their infrastructure.


The Advanced Support service Package makes use of remote management technologies and human resources to provide advice and suggestions but also with the possibility of on-site specialized staff for fast and effective troubleshooting.

Outsourcing Services

Today’s market trends require the continuous reduction of operating costs of businesses, including IT, while at the same time the needs and complexity of today’s information systems are growing day by day.

ELMISYSTEMS has excellently trained and certified engineers in different technologies whom it can provide to its customers either for the operational support of their information systems or for special projects.

The service covers the ongoing or emergency needs for immediate staffing of your business with specialized staff of different specialties and for as long as required by a specific SLA.

Help Desk Services

ELMISYSTEMS has a well-organized help-desk which serves our customers and provides telephone support services. In addition, it offers the possibility to its customers who have a technical support contract, a contact line for telephone support all days of the year and 24 hours a day (24x7x365).

Key points of superiority of the Technical Support Services of ELMISYSTEMS

Experience, excellent know-how of the technicians and methodology in dealing with Technical problems
Continuous information and training by attending seminars
Excellent training in customer communication
All the engineers who support these services are certified in their area of responsibility and have significant experience in troubleshooting and malfunctioning complex and demanding installations.

Customer support is a top priority for us and our experienced staff is always ready to answer questions and solve technical problems.