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Our Company welcomes you to its online store and presents you the following terms which relate to our obligations and rights towards all of you, our customers.

The name of our Company is:

 Hellenic Computer Systems Societe Anonyme with a distinctive title ELMI SYSTEMS A.E. and headquarters at 165 Athinon Ave., Chaidari). ELMI SYSTEMS A.E. (hereinafter Company) created the specific online store, which is addressed to all internet users who wish to combine their information in the products and services provided by our Company with the possibility of making purchases through this e-shop. Our Company created this website with the primary purpose of better customer service. A necessary condition for this is the complete information but also its guarantee.

For this reason, please read carefully the following terms of use of our website. The use of the online store presupposes the acceptance of all the following terms and conditions. If the user disagrees with some or all of the terms of use of this website, he must abstain from using it, otherwise it is presumed that he has accepted all the terms of operation.

Our Company reserves the right to renew the products of its online store without notice.

The personal data of the Customers are used, based on law 2472/97, exclusively for the execution and proof of their orders, the provision of personalized services and the export of statistical data. This data is not transmitted to third parties. The Customer hereby gives his consent for the storage and processing of his personal data by our Company for the purposes of execution and proof of his orders, the provision of personalized services and the export on behalf of our Company of statistical data.

The Customer has the right to access any personal information, as well as the right to request a change or deletion of his personal information.

The use of the Website is the sole responsibility of the visitor-customer. Our Company is not responsible for the malicious intervention of third parties. The visitors of the Website undertake that they will not harm third parties by malicious use of the Website and that they will not violate their personal data.

To get the products you are interested in you can:

  • Place your order quickly and easily through our online store. Choose the products of your choice, place them in your shopping cart and follow the steps indicated, complete your purchase immediately.
  • Contact our customer service center at 210-2002 272 from Monday to Friday 9.30 – 17.00 and one of our specialized partners will be at your disposal to inform you about the products you are interested in and to register your order. The product codes presented in our online store will help simplify the ordering process.

In more detail, the most important steps for each Technology sector / Business department separately are the following:

After your order, we will contact you by e-mail or by phone to confirm your order.

For any cancellation of an order (in whole or in part) you must send an e-mail to InfoConsumer@elmisystems.gr. This feature is offered to you until we inform you about the shipment of your order. Cancellation is not possible after this time.

For any cancellation of an order (in whole or in part) you must send an e-mail to InfoConsumer@elmisystems.gr. This feature is offered to you until we inform you about the shipment of your order. Cancellation is not possible after this time. For your convenience and the best service, the following payment methods are provided:

  • By deposit in a Bank Account of our Company. The bank accounts of our Company in which you can deposit your money are:

    National Bank: 151 / 470381-27

    EURO BANK: 0026.0111.28.0200105181

    ALPHA BANK: 167-00-2320-000136

    Your full name must be given as a reason in the bank deposit.For the fastest processing of your order, please send by fax to 210-2111794 or by e-mail to the address InfoConsumer@elmisystems.gr, the depository of the Bank.

  • Cash on delivery upon receipt of your order at your place.

The listed prices of the products are the final ones (ie VAT is included). Our Company reserves the right to adjust the prices. You are also given the opportunity to choose whether our Company will issue a Retail Receipt or Invoice. The reduced VAT is valid for the border areas. (16%) provided an invoice is issued (and not a retail sales slip).

The delivery time of your order is set at 2-3 days and depends on the place of shipment and the availability of the products you have chosen.

In case there is no availability of the selected products, our Company will contact you by e-mail or phone in order to inform you about the possible delivery time. In this case, you have the option, if you feel that the period is not enough for you, to request a cancellation of the order of the product in question.

If for reasons of force majeure (eg bad weather, strikes, etc.) we are unable to deliver the goods within the prescribed time, we will contact you as soon as possible to let you know if you wish, below In these circumstances, the completion of your order.

To avoid your own inconvenience, it is good to carefully check at the time of delivery of your order, the condition of the products sold and their packaging intact, in order to identify any obvious defects e.g. broken goods, wrong item, missing parts etc.

You have the right to return a product that you have purchased from our online store within 10 days from the date of receipt. Returns are only accepted if the products you wish to return are in the same condition in which you received them and in full packaging. Delivery together with the goods to be returned of the document issued at the time of purchase (retail sales receipt or invoice) is always a necessary condition.

Please send an email to InfoConsumer@elmisystems.gr or from the company’s site from the “Contact” option in the “Consumer Sales” section or contact the Customer Service department at 210-2002 272. in order to state your wish for return of your products.

If you believe that the product you received has a manufacturing defect, please let us know within 10 days from the date of receipt. We will advise you on how to return it. In such a case you just have to return the product with its packaging, together with the purchase document (retail receipt or invoice). It is your responsibility to ensure that the goods are returned safely and without further damage, so please pack them in the safest way possible. When we receive them we will inspect it carefully to determine the nature of the damage or defect.

Please understand that we can not be held responsible for damage related to improper use such as bumps, etc. If it is observed that the damage was caused by improper use you should either return the product to you and be charged the shipping cost, or after contacting with you and ask us, to repair it at your own expense. If it is noticed that the damage is the manufacturer’s, we undertake to either repair it or replace your product. In this case we will refund the cost you incurred for its return to us.

All products are offered by the manufacturer’s warranty, the main details of which are stated in the description of the goods. Proof of purchase of the product is required to confirm the warranty period. Usual Warranty Time: 2 years from the date of purchase.

Our Company is the sole and exclusive beneficiary of all copyrights of the content and structure of the Website, except for the creative ideas, graphic representations, development proposals and the programming code that are the intellectual property of GlobalStar Interactive Intelligence, according to the law. 2121/1993.

The Company reserves the right to modify or renew the terms and conditions of transactions. It undertakes to inform consumers of any change.

Διαστάσεις210.0mmx140.0mmx77.0mm (Μ*Π*Υ)
ΕκτυπωτήςΘερμικός εκτυπωτής 57 mm
Οθόνη ΧειριστήΟθόνη LCD Μια γραμμή 16 χαρακτήρων
Θύρες1xRS232 (Για ανάγνωση)
1xUSB port (επικοινωνία με Η/Υ)
1xEthernet (επικοινωνία με Η/Υ)
Πληκτρολόγιο6 Πλήκτρα
Ταχύτητα Εκτύπωσης70 mm/s
Τροφοδοσία DC input7V/3A
Θερμοκρασία Λειτουργίας5…+45°C
Υγρασία10%-80% R.H.
Φορολογική Μνήμη 16M16.777.216 x 1 bit structure